Social networks which improve day by day become to enter people’s life more than usual in specially corona times. Therefore, social media platforms such as instagram,facebook,twitter,youtube has became the place which people have started to socialize.While some of people thank this virtual environment, the other ones consider that socializing with social networks can wreak damage on people. For instance: depression, being an asocial person, anxiety or other psychological issues… These statement will be discussed in my essay.

 It is commonly believe that social media is enormous part of our lifes specially for new generations. The reason people prefer to spending much more time in social networks can consist from a lot of things. One of them can be counted as that sometimes people do not want to reflect their real identy, it can derive from personality for example:shy person. Thus, they can feel more comfortable in social media without real nick name along with the feeling that this relaxation brings. However, it can create huge problems such as breaking away from the real world and some pyschological issues.

 On the other hand, some people believe that virtual platforms give a lot of opportunies to improve ourselves as long as we use it in a good way. For instance: people who want to learn new language  or new cook’s recipes can obtain information from youtube or they can make a friend from another country. Hence, they can gain new perspective by encountering new cultures. Moreover, people who want to start the uprising for things that humans have to pay attention can reach a lot of people from social platforms.

 As a result,  while some people consider that social media has created a lot of issues specially psychological like depression and anxiety others point of view is social media’s positive sides outnumber negative sides. These two thougts were debated in my essay.

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